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We breed our own composting worms and from time to time our facility offers a small quantity of Composting Worms / Red Wigglers (about 50 to 100) to school teachers for educational purposes free of charge.

Our goal is to encourage vermicomposting and related education.

• Worms are free only for educational purposes.

• You must be a teacher in a school located within the Greater Toronto Area.

• We would ask you to share the progress of your experiment on our Facebook page in order to encourage other schools and students to participate in vermicomposting.

• We would ask you NOT to sell your worms and if you no longer need them, please return them to us.

If you wish to introduce vermicomposting to your school and you agree to the above terms, you can submit your request here.

Please indicate the school and how you are planning to introduce worm composting to your students.


Please note that due to a very high demand for worms,
we are currently not accepting new requests for free worms.



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