Worm Castings

Red wigglers, or Eisenia foetida, produce beautiful castings that are perfect for fertilizing your plants and growing vegetables.

Worm Castings (worm poop) consist of the organic material that has been digested by worms.

Worm castings are the richest form of a natural fertilizer known to man. Worm castings stimulate plant growth more than any other natural product.

Worm Castings help growing healthier plants by improving soil texture and providing water soluble nutrients to the plants.


Other Benefits of Worm Castings:

- Improves soil aeration
- Enriches soil with micro-organisms and enzymes
- Microbial activity in worm castings is 15 times higher than in the soil
- Improves water holding capacity
- Enhances germination, plant growth, and crop yield
- Improves root growth and structure
- Enriches soil with micro-organisms

We can ship within Canada.

Worm Castings - $5.95 + tax per 1 Quart container
Worm Castings - $19.95 + tax per 1 Gallon container

Get as much or as little as you need.






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