What is Vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting is composting with worms. It is typically done indoors in a closed bin populated with red wiggler worms that eat organic waste and expel it as worm castings, or droppings.

Vermicomposting lets us recycle just like nature does. A vermicompost bin mimics natural processes, allowing organic waste to break down into nutrient-rich compost, which can be returned to the soil to help new things grow.

Vermicomposting helps the environment in the following ways:

- Reduces Waste Sent to Dump Sites - Up to 30% of our daily household waste is organic.

- Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Organics buried in a dump site break down very slowly and without the presence of oxygen. As a result, methane gas (a greenhouse gas) is produced.

- Reduces Pollution - When organics break down without the presence of oxygen, such as in a dump site, a toxic liquid known as leachate (the liquid that runs from a dump) is produced. Leachate can pollute our soil and water sources.

- Reduces the Need for Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides - Finished vermicompost is natural fertilizer that returns valuable nutrients back into the soil, promoting the growth of healthy plants.

We provide all the necessary materials and supplies required for vermicomposting at home and in school. We eliminate the need for you to spend countless hours trying to locate the required ingredients. See the entire selection here.


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