Composting Worms

Red Wigglers - Eisenia foetida

Red wigglers, or Eisenia foetida, are the best compost worms. They live in close, highly populated conditions and don't burrow.

When you decide to start a compost bin, it's better to get your worms from a reputable worm breeder like us. This will ensure that you are getting healthy worms that were raised indoors and are comfortable with indoor worm bins.

Eisenia foetida is ideal for vermicomposting:

• Its population can double every three or four months.
• They eat organic matter equivalent to half its weight.
• It doesn't mind living in captivity and tolerates different temperatures, humidity and acidity.

What Worms Need

1. An good quality bedding
2. A nutritious food source
3. Adequate moisture 65% - 85%
4. Adequate aeration - oxygen is a must
5. Balanced temperature 15 to 25 degrees C.

If you want to start small, we have a deal for you.

All worms come with original bedding and small amount of special formulated food already mixed in the bedding. The worms are very comfortable in the original bedding and practically guaranteed to be happy until you put them in a new bin.

15 worms with bedding and food for $5.00
40 worms with bedding and food for $10.00
75 worms with bedding and food for $15.00
100 worms with bedding and food for $20.00
150 worms with bedding and food for $30.00
200 worms with bedding and food for $40.00
300 worms with bedding and food for $60.00

We will physically count the worms and will add 5% to 10% of extra worms to ensure you get the right quantity.

Payment can be made via Interac Email Transfer.

Customer Service is available via email, please use this form if you have any questions. We typically reply within a few business hours. Please always check your junk mail box if you did not get our reply.


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